Barbara LaMarr

"I take lovers like roses... By the dozen."

Reatha Watson(1896-1926) was born to William Wright and Rose Watson in Yakima, Washington. She became a native of Richmond, Virginia where she was educated in a convent there. By the time Barbara was 19 she had been married 3 times, divorced, and widowed. As a young Hollywood actress, she became scandal as with all of her love affairs and being known to be "too beautiful to be alone." She changed her name to Barbara La Marr so others would forget the "old" woman and she could have a fresh start.

In 1916, Barbara and Robert Carville started a dancing business, dancing in clubs and for entertainment. Through this she ended back in Hollywood writing and acting in silent films. She wrote and directed many films such as The Mother of His Children, the Ross of Nome, The Little Grey Mouse, The Land of Jazz, and Flame of Youth. Then she starred in The Nut, the Three Musketeers, Desperate Tails, and many more!

In December of 1921, she became pregnant and gave birth to Marvin Carville La Marr. After his early life, she remarried and traveled around the globe until she became ill. She died in January of 1926 of tuberculosis and drug abuse. A close friend, ZaSu Pitts, became the new mother of Marvin who was later renamed Don Gallery after ZaSu's husband. Her fans were filled with grief because her death at such a short age of 29. She lived fast and died young.