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EDU 320 Entire Course

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EDU 320 Week 1 Personal Philosophy Paper

EDU 320 Week 1 DQs

EDU 320 Week 2 Classroom Arrangement and Rationale

EDU 320 Week 2 DQs

EDU 320 Week 3 Behavior Intervention Plan

EDU 320 Week 3 Lesson Plans for Classroom Management

EDU 320 Week 3 DQs

EDU 320 Week 4 E-Portfolio Assignment Field Experience Classroom Observation Reflection Paper

EDU 320 Week 4 DQs

EDU 320 Week 5 Classroom Management Plan Paper

EDU 320 Week 5 Classroom Management Presentation


EDU 320 Week 1 Individual Assignment Personal Philosophy Paper

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper of your philosophy on classroom management. You may make changes before your philosophy is incorporated in the Classroom Management Plan assignment, due in Week Five.

Address the following:

What is classroom management for an elementary classroom?

Why is there a need for a classroom management plan?

What should be considered when developing a personal philosophy for classroom management?

How does a diverse student population affect a classroom management plan?

Compare at least two classroom management models that support your philosophy.

Explain what implications your philosophy will have on you, your students, and the classroom environment.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


EDU 320 Week 2 Classroom Management Models Brochure

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Review the various classroom management models in Classroom Management: Models, Applications, and Cases.

Design a brochure comparing and contrasting at least three models and discipline plans, and their implications on communication. Include:

  • Name of Model
  • Model Description
  • Theorist
  • How does this model function in the classroom?

Usethe Brochure Builder located in Week Two of the student website.


EDU 320 Week 2 Individual Assignment Classroom Arrangement and Rationale

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Complete the Classroom Builder Simulation located on the student website.

Design an effective classroom arrangement for a given grade level.

Prepare a 350- to 700-word rationale for your design.

Address the following:

Identify the plan’s grade level.

What are the ways in which this design influences a positive learning environment?

Explain how your plan will assist in managing your classroom’s diverse and social dynamics.

How does your plan promote and maintain appropriate student behavior?

Include at least two references to support your content.

Format your rationale consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your rationale and classroom design to your facilitator.


EDU 320 Week 3 Individual Assignment Lesson Plans for Classroom Management

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Locate three lesson plans to analyze for the grade level you created a classroom arrangement for in Week Two.
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Lesson Plans for Classroom Management located on the student website.

Submit your completed matrix and three lesson plans to your facilitator