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The biggest game of this new console generation launches tomorrow, as Titanfall crashes down to earth for a rare spring blockbuster release. The game is available across PC and Microsoft's MSFT -0.21% Xbox One, but is notable for where it is not, namely Sony's PS4.

For Xbox One in particular, Titanfall represents a potentially huge draw for the system which so far, has lagged behind the PS4 in sales. While I disagree with the notion that Titanfall needs to “save” the Xbox One, as the situation isn’t that dire, it is a big moment for Microsoft, not to mention EA and Respawn as well.

Tomorrow’s launch is interesting for another reason as well. While the Xbox One gave up its digital download-heavy ambitions (for the time being), Titanfall will represent the first major test of what happens when a massive swarm of people try to download a new release of a hot game to their Xbox One.
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Sure, at launch people may have been downloading Dead Rising, Forza, Ryse, etc, but now with TItanfall, this is one day and one game, and a huge number of players that may be thinking they want to save themselves a trip to battle the lines at Gamestop, and simply download the game through their Xboxes directly. This is a new console with a big hard drive after all, and if players don’t think they’ll be say, reselling a used copy of Titanfall any time soon, it may be time to get on board with digital distribution on consoles.

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