Things I Like and You Should Too Because I Am Awesomeness Incarnate

My Favorite Video Game

Town of Salem: an online free game that tests how well you can lie and detect lies. It is a great social game, because interacting with other players is, in most cases, necessary to winning. Its almost completely dependent on the chat box. Try it out!

My Favorite Song

Yiruma's songs are the best. River Flows In You is a relaxing, tragic song that settles you in a melancholy mood every time you hear it.

My Favorite Website

This is the largest collection of fanfiction on the internet. The only thing its missing is K-Pop fanfiction. It has a wide variety of anime, book, and movie fics, as well as other things. Visit it!

This Inspirational Speech is Great!

This video inspired me to get up and do something with myself, and with who I want to be. I hope it does the same to you.

The Number One Place I Want To Go

As an otaku through and through, I live to one day visit Tokyo. I doubt that it'll be all about anime, but I hope for it to be a fun experience, or even an experience at all.

My Favorite Anime

Speaking of anime, here's my favorite one! Death note isn't the stereotypical anime you would think it is. It's nothing like Naruto, One piece, or Fairy Tale. Those are good too, but in Death Note, every episode is spend in nerve-racking worry, interrupted by laughter. Where in other animes you know the "good guys" will always win, Death Note is an anime where the protagonist is the criminal and the antagonist is on the side of justice, while still being morally-bent. It has a great plot, superb characters, and makes you struggle over who to support. All the while, the two main characters make a friendship built on trickery and lies.

My Favorite Fairy Tale

Fairy Tales might seem shallow, and to the untrained eye, maybe Alice in Wonderland is too. But to me, and a great many people, Alice in Wonderland is a snow globe. The snow swirls on and on, showing off its pure and shallow innocence, and hiding the murky depths inside. Quotes like these, especially if you take away the speaker tags, show a hidden side of Alice in Wonderland that makes this my all time favorite fairy tale.

Best Lesson Learned

For those of you who are too lazy to read it and haven't heard of it, The Boy Who Cried Wolf is about a Shepard who revels in trickery. Constantly, he screams "There's a wolf!" down at the village, and they always come running. However, it's just a prank, and the boy, always, laughs at them. One day, there really is a wolf, and no one comes. The lesson taken from this is that you shouldn't do what the boy did. However, I walked away with two. I told myself to never do what the villagers did. People aren't going to stop being idiotic and play pranks like that. As much as I wish they did, I really would rather not risk someone's life because I was too tired of their pranks.

Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko no Basuke is a basketball anime. After watching it, I was motivated to play and watch basketball. While I have no interest in watching basketball unless its up close, I find an immense satisfaction to playing it now. It's a great, if a bit long, anime, about how a shadow becomes an eclipse and beats all of the stars. Watch it!

#1 Must Watch Show

I'm sure you've heard of this. Doctor Who is a very long British show, but every minute of it is completely worth it. To quote one whovian,

"Doctor Who is hopes and adventures, magic and terror. It's the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa has delivered all the gifts you wished for.

It's a never-ending journey of a man who's seen too much and ran too far, a perpetual story of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism."

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