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sole trader/partnership

Sole trader/partnership

A sole trader is someone who owns there own businessthere pros and cons about being a sole trader pro's: you get all the profits and you don't have to share it with everyone, you are in charge of your self and no one can tell you what to do. The cons of owning your own business is because you will have to take responsibility for your business and if it closes down then you will have to take responsibility and your home items including your home could be taken away from you.

A partner ship is were there are two or more people running the company together as a 'partnership'  some pros of running a business as a partner ship is that you will be able to share your hours between each other and that if your business goes down the responsibility will not all go down to you. were as there are some cons to having a partner ship is that it is very hard to agree on things with the person you are running it with and this may cause a lot of argument and could end up with the company splitting up, the money will be split up and u will not be earning as much money as you could.

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