Shane and Holden's Theme Connection Assignment

Thematic statment from song

In Nena's "99 red ballons" the theme of Nuclear devastation and is demonstrated by the story and how the people are so keen to nuke each other that when they see red balloons go by they see it as a threat of war. Which connects to "there will come soft rains" as society became so rooted in using nuclear weapons to solve their problems that they saw ending the civilized world as the only way of overcoming their obstacles.

The article and the song both share the theme of the destruction that is a result of nuclear warfare. The song and the article both talk about the wastelands that would be created as a result of nuclear warfare. The pieces warn about the savagery of man and the destruction that we as humans can create, and warns about the power that we wield in our hands. Both pieces connect to "F451" in that they all talk about the panic that nuclear warfare would create. Also this article connects to "There Will Come Soft Rains" in the same way that it connects to the song, that is they both agree to the amount of destruction and the dead lands that nuclear warfare creates.

Triple combo connection

In each piece of evidence present their is proof to support the claim of the misuse and devastation that nuclear weapons hold. In every piece of evidence their is a depiction of a post-nuclear world in which a society is left to pick up the pieces. In Fahrenheit 451 this is seen as restart for society as people have seen the error of their oblivious ways "some day we'll remember so much that we'll build the biggest goddam steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in and cover it up"(Bradbury 157). Where as in the other situations the people are looking to survive and rebuild a similar style of society in 99 red balloons one without nukes (and better computers) and in the article rebuilding and surviving a food depleted world. Another similarity is how the societies reached that point of nuclear warfare that they had strayed from reason and led on the path of destruction "and the war began and ended in that instant"(Bradbury 151). In the song the countries were so paranoid that they viewed red balloons as a act of war and in the articles case that the simplest act of war such as between India and Pakistan could have a significant impact on the global climate. Which all relate to "there will come soft rain" where society has been soiled by nuclear weapons and the world has gone back from no return.

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