Sierra Frye, Daisie Atkinson

Parkinson's Disease:                                                                                               Daisie A.

Parkinson's disease is a chronic disease that once your diagnosed with it you have it for the rest of your life. Even though it usually strikes people over the age of sixty, it is possible for younger people. More than 10% of people under the age of forty have parkinson's disease. This disease is not contagious or fatal it is defined as a neurological condition. Does not damage nerves but it damages cells (neurons. It is a progressive disease which challenges are muscle stiffness, slower movement, and stooped posture. The disease starts with a small tumor and it develops gradually. This disease can't be cured and it affects movement. It is caused by motor systems disorders and is the result of loss dopamine produce in brain cells.

OCD:                                                                                                                        Sierra F.

The full term for OCD is obcessive compulsive disorder. It is an anxiety disorder that causes people to have unwanted thoughts that drive them to do something. Symptoms are being afraid of being contaminated by germs or infecting someone else, fear of causing harm to yourself and other people, extreme focus on religous ideas or morals, fear of losing somethig or not having things you may need in the future,order and symmetry, making sure everything lines up just right, and superstitions, the need to constantly pay attention to something considered unlucky or lucky. The causes are doing a certain thing like taking showers in a repetative manner. Some forms include washers, people afraid of contamination, they usually wash and bathe themselves a lot, checkers, people who are constantly checking for things like if the stoves on  or the doors are locked. Douters,  people who think that if they do something that is not perfect or not done just right that they will be punished. Counters and arrangers, people who are obsessed with order or symmetry. They may also have superstitions about colors, numbers, etc. Hoarders, people that think something bad will happen if they throw a certain thing away. It can be treated with self help strategies and regular treatment. I can be prevented with self help treatment and other activities

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