Student-Student Connections

Strategy One

  • At the beginning of the year I think it is important to talk to all the children in the class about Susan when she is not present. Kindergarten is brand new and scary for most children, and some children in the class might not have ever been around a child with a disability. It would be normal for a child who didn't know any better to be frightened or confused when around a child with a disability. So a class discussion with the children would help them to understand Susan's condition. I would also be able to let these children know that even though Susan may seem different she is just the same as me and you and she wants to make friends. My hope is that the children then do not look at Susan that is someone who is different and friendships will be made.

Strategy Two

  • Susan loves everything to do with princesses and can stay involved with an activity based on these theme for a long time. During "Friday Fun Afternoon" where the children get free time I will encourage children to play with Susan based on the Princess theme. For instance I will provide books, puzzles, coloring pages and anything else I can think of in the classroom. Then during free time I could say "Hey Catherine, how about you and Susan go to the quiet area and read princess books together?" or "Hey Susan, Catherine loves princess puzzles too...can she join you at the puzzle table?"

Strategy Three

  • Susan struggles with her large motor skills and sometimes shy's away from practicing these skills during recess and P.E class. It is important for me to encourage her to engage in activities to help her gain skills in this area. During recess or P.E I could create a small group of children to play a soccer game and include Susan in this group. For instance I could say "Hey Philip, Susan, Catherine and John how about during recess today we all play a game of soccer?" I will make sure I stay around the group when outside in case I need to assist and promote the play.