Riding High's {Updated} Confirmed Blog!

If you are reading this, that must mean you're interested in the MMORPG that is still under development, called Riding High.

If that is true, than you've come to the right place!
This blog is a gathering of information about Riding High, and will tell you about the things you can expect to see in it's gameplay.

Are you ready? Let's get reading!

*Actually, before we get started, please keep 2 things in mind:
1) That Riding High is still in EARLY development and that ANY of these things can still be altered and may change when the game is actually published/completed.
2) That they have legal use of and have credited ALL models in the following photos, and are currently ONLY using Hivewire horses for their game.

Thank-you. :)

General Info

Basic info about the game that the future players should know.

  • There are plans to try to publish the game for Mac's and possibly, later on, consoles, but currently, it is only confirmed to be for the PC.
  • The main game is a (downloadable) 3D MMORPG, but there are plans for a 2D game as well.
    -The 2D version will probably be a point-click, drag and drop type of game, with simple animations and different backgrounds. In short, details about the 2D game still need to be published, as we don't know much about it yet.
    -The 3D game will be fully open world with quality graphics, textures, realistic movements, and many things to see and do.
  • For those who don't know, MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, meaning you will get to play with friends and other people across the world.
  • The game's storyline will have hints shown throughout Riding High's ebooks and hardcover books that they plan on publishing. They will revolve around joining different factions, protecting nature, and preserving wildlife.
  • The game will be translated into many languages including English, Korean, German, French, Russian, Polish, and Czech.
  • Riding High will be a free-to-play game and all users will have the option to pay for in-game items, memberships, and other special bonuses.
    *Also, there will be no important game limits without the memberships.
  • The game currently does not have an official release date, due to being under early and heavy development. The team will announce on their Facebook page and Youtube when things such as the insight trailer is ready to be viewed.

In-game Features

The section includes information about some of the cool in-game features users will be seeing.

  • The game plans to implement radio stations that will include things such as a weather forecasts, (So yes, there will be a day and night cycle, as will as rain, sunshine, snow, ect.) as well as an in-game newspaper.
  • Players will own their own in-game mobile phone to call their friends, organize their calendar, set up events, and even send messages.

There will be:

  • First and third person camera angles.
  • An option to hide user interface for screenshots.
  • Numerous chats including global, guild, private. There will also be optional voice chats.
  • Many quests and a complex storyline.
  • A trading/gifting-system, so you may give items to other
  • Various forms of crafting.
  • A leveling system for both horse and player.
  • Regular updates and patches. (Most likely every month and some server maintenance every week)

In-game locations

The World

  • Riding High will be an open world game meaning the players can roam freely through the virtual world and are given considerable amount of freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives and quest.
  • The world will mostly consist of many countries and in each one there will be many places to go and explore such as large cities, small villages, castles, various islands, and lots of beautiful wilderness.
  • You may travel among different continents by ship with your horse.
    *You may cross from island-to-island by boat or bridge.
  • You may encounter certain natural obstacles on your journey, such as mountains, and may overcome them by (possibly) taking a helicopter or flying over it with mechanical wings that will be attached to your horse's saddle.
  • There will be many shops at which you can buy clothing, tack, housing items, ect. and an area where horse auctions may take place.

Your Stable & Home

  • Players will be able to own, customize, decorate, and buy items to expand their stable and personal home.
  • You'll also be also to:
    1) Turn your horses out to pasture.
    2) Set up jumps and make your little own course.
    3) Farm & garden (I'm assuming on your own land)
    4) Invite friends over or visit them at their own place.
  • Your stable will need cleaning, along with the equipment and tack inside.
  • Tack can be hung from the metal hooks, hanging from the stalls, as seen below.

Characters & Customization

The funnest part of every game: Making your avatar!

  • Users will be able to choose a faction, or "side" to join on the story.
    (We do not know the details of the faction choices yet, but I'm assuming we join them from the start, like in most MMORPG's)
  • Users will be able to create a character with options for gender (meaning there will be male and female avatars) and appearance.
  • Users will have two names:
    1) A login/username, in which the player will need to get access the game.
    2) An in-game name to represent their character/avatar.  The in-game will not be limited to a filtered selection of options; Any alphanumeric name is possible. (Ex. Amyrose, Kitten24, Cooldude1999)
  • Users will be able to select from and buy a fine array of clothing, from normal riding clothes to unique armors.
  • Characters will exhibit various emotes, such as an emote for when the player is inactive for a set amount of time. (Called idle poses)
Sneak Peek: Concept art of a female character.

Activities & Guilds

This section includes brief info about the things we will be able to do in Riding High and what Guilds are.

  • In general, players will get to ride their horses. And, yes, bareback and without horse shoes are an option.
  • You will be able to do daily task (such as horse care, foal raising, and stable cleaning) and story quest in the game.
  • There will be multiple equestrian sports, implemented under the FEI standard, from which you may participate in.
    *Some confirmed sports are: Dressage, Show jumping, Endurance and Trail racing.
    **There will be English and Western classes.
    ***There will be team & individual racing, as well as driving and cart/carriage pulling.
  • There will be an option to camp out in the wilderness either by yourself or with friends with tents and trail equipment.
  • With many waterways to dive into themselves, players will be able to swim with their horses.
  • There will be certain centers at which fun activities are held for your friends and horses to join in.
  • If you feel like sharing a ride, you and your friend may ride tandem/double and travel together on one horse.
  • You may partake in riding lessons in a Riding Hall.

About Guilds:

  • Players will be able to create their own guild, or join others.
  • For anyone who doesn't know, guilds are like a formal version of clubs, that you can invite your friends and other players to join in, so you can do things together like one big epic virtual family!
  • Guild names can be created just like user and in-game names. (Alphanumerical)
  • Guilds will have their own chat, and leaders can create their own logos in-game, that can placed on tack and certain clothing.
  • The guilds will have ranking systems and positions you can be assigned to.
  • Normal guilds will need no extra money to be created, but there will be some special guild items you may obtain from the cash/itemshop,
  • There will be PvP, which is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants.
    What kind of  "conflict", whether it be a battle or a race, we do not know. :)

Horses, Breeding, and Pets

The headline is pretty self-explanatory...

About the Horses:

  • There will be many breeds of horses to choose from in Riding High.
    *Confirmed breeds are: Arabian, Andalusian, Shire, and Icelandic.
    **Breeds to come: Friesian, Thoroughbred, Mustang, Appaloosa, Clydesdale, Mawari, Akhal Teke, Shetland Pony, Standardbred, Hannoverian, Fjord, Trekhner, Haflinger, Percheron.
  • Some fantasy breeds (Unicorns, pegasai, alicorns, ect.) may be seen in-game, due to custom foal orders made earlier in the year.
  • You will be able to care for, clean, breed, sell, dress, train, lunge, race, ride, dismount, and lead (on foot) your horse.
    *There will be all sorts of tack, rugs/blankets, wraps, and even armor you may dress your horse in.
  • Your horse will have its own personality, which you will be able to choose.
  • Due to their personality and your skill level, your horse may perform realistic actions, such as:
    -Spooking during a storm if they're scared.
    -Bucking you off if they're feisty or aggressive.
    -Stealing hay from you if they're naughty.
  • Your horse may like or dislike you, depending on your behavior towards it.
  • Your horse can get tired  after exercising; As well as injured and may need to be taken to a vet, because of so.
  • You may train/teach your horse to do fun and neat tricks.


About Horse Breeding:

  1. Horses bred will of different height & appearance, depending on their parent genes/breed.
  2. Horses will have their own stats, that will affect their stamina, HP, ect.
  3. Horses can be bred in both the 2D and 3D game and, yes, any horses you breed in the 2D game will be in the 3D game.
  4. There will be cross breeds.
  5. Please know that any custom beta foals that were donated for, CANNOT be bred due to their uniqueness! Purple unicorns will not be riding all over the place, sorry folks!
  • The foals you raise will grow, and you will be able to do a range of activities to interact with them while they're developing.
    *Also, there will be a way to let your foals and horses be young for a longer amount of time.
  • Clipping of the mane and coat will be possible for your horses. If it has a long mane you'll also be able to braid it down or plait it up. You'll also be able to put bows and flowers in their hair.
  • As mentioned before, you will be able to buy, sell, and trade horses to/with other people, depending on your level.


About Pets:

  • You will be able to buy and own pets, such as a dog, that travels with you on the open road.
    *Your dogs will have skills (depending on your level) that may help you find special places and items, and will guard you through dangerous areas. You will also be able to feed and play with them
    **Some confirmed dog breeds are: Pomeranians, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Markiesjis, and Basenjis.
  • There will be many other wild animals you may encounter on your journey, some friendly and some not-so friendly.
  • You will be able to tame wild horses, but it will be very difficult.

Planned... But NOT confirmed!

These are features that may be possible to put into the game, but are still under dicussion and NOT confirmed whatsoever.

  • To be able to "paint" our horses.
  • Cut back saddles for saddle seats.
  • Riding side-saddle
  • Horse-back archery
  • Jousting
  • Photography
  • Fishing
  • Competitions that'll divide the horses by breed
  • Realistic deaths when you run out of HP

The Reject List!

Unfortunately with all great acceptances come great rejections...
Here are some things we unfortunately will NOT be seeing in the game at all!

There will NOT be:

  • Realistic abuse of horses and pets. (Someone asked if we could hit them...)
  • An option to "rent out" or steal a persons/friends horse.
  • An option to have another player take and train your horses for you!
    (Don't be lazy!)

That's all for now though,Thank-you for reading!(●˘ ᵕ˘(˘ᵕ ˘○)/ ⌒つ⊂⌒ ヽ

A special thank-you goes to the RH Wiki, Nieve's enjin forum, and Lilah's RHuniverse Wordpress for providing some of this information.
You guys rock, see you at Riding High!

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