Unit 1 vocabulary

Hannah Moore

setting- where the story takes place; its surroundings.

characterization- the traits of the characters; how they are described.

theme- the main message the author is trying to get across.

resolution- the very ending of the story; the problem is solved.

conflict- the disagreement or problem between characters in a story.

point of view- the position in which the story is being told.

plot-where the story is; how it is laid out.

rising action- the events leading up to the climax.

traits- the distinguished characteristics of something.

motives- the reason you are doing something.

falling action- the events after the climax, usually settled down, near the resolution.

support- when you have evidence of something.

evidence- textual support, facts.

claim- when someone states their opinion, usually  not correct.

central idea-a short summary of the story, what happened that is important?

climax- the most exciting part of the story, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

foreshadow- a future event.

flashback- a vivid memory that you recall .

mood- the tone of the story or something.

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