Products in Motion: Checks & Balances

The checks & balances in life are a lot like industry. For example, life is to death as wood is to steel. Life & death are the founders of the population, where as wood & steel are the founders of certain homes. However, life & death are polar opposites, & wood & steel are polar opposites.

In a world dominated by the advances of human kind, artifacts of old are becoming obsolete. Books have been replaced by the Kindle, & the internet has been taking social lives. However, new inventions are storming throughout the world.


Q: Could electromagnetism be used for transportation?

A: It already is. The Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) trains use magnets to move at very high speeds.

Q: What is the history of electromagnetism?

A: Electromagnetism was probably discovered after someone did that "Balloon sticking to the wall" trick & wondered how that worked.

Q: What are electromagnets used for?

A: Every time you drive to the local Sonic on Main Street, you're using electromagnets.

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Essential question:

What is the difference between Electromagnetic waves & Mechanical waves?

There is one major difference: Mechanical waves need matter to travel, where as Electromagnetic waves can travel through space & medium, meaning they don't need matter to travel. You're welcome.

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