Exploration Proposal

Give us the charter!

Today, we are asking you to give us a charter to leave England to the land of North Carolina. We will be leaving on November 16, 1550 B.C. and will be traveling by four ships. One to take our belongings, one to bring back our discoveries and valuables, and one for the passengers. This will be strictly a business trip and will not include travelers on the boat.

Maps and Time

When, where, what, and how

This is a map of North America or The New Land.

This is the map of the route that we are taking, ships, where we are coming from, and where we are going. As you can see purple is where we start, pink is where we land, and red, blue, and green are the routes and three ships that we are traveling in.

We will be leaving at exactly 10:00 A.M. November 20th, 1550 B.C.E. We give you permission to behead us we leave any later or earlier.


We need you, to fund us!

We are from England and are asking our own country to fund our investigation. Our leader is the amazing and generous Queen Elizabeth. Our expedition is somewhat expensive but according to our data and research we will make a profit of 180,000 euros. Meanwhile our trip will cost 100,000 euros. That is a profit of 80,000 euros! You know you want that money.


What we need and what they need

Our country, England, is asking us for gold, silk, and silver. Judging by the resources that can be found at North Carolina, we will be collecting gold, silk and cloth, coal, and power to England. We are looking for this because, we need gold for more profit, silk and cloth for the Queen and townspeople, and coal for the trip to and from North Carolina and for more expeditions. We are collecting everything that England wants except, instead of silver we are collecting coal. The only other country that is also exploring the North American continent is France. They are looking for gold, silk, coal, and different exotic spices such as Truffle Salt, Urfa Biber, and Dried Avocado Leaves. This is not a good plan because spices are not common in the Western Hemisphere. That is why we are smarter.

Obstacles and Conflict

what we will face and how we handle them

Although we know that we will face many obstacles our crew and I  have planned a strategy to overcome them. The main obstacles we will encounter are Native Americans, and wildlife.  We have three choices, we could avoid them as much as possible, try to make peace, or if worse comes to worse, fight for our liberty. We will not encounter any French because they are planning to explore a different part of North America. This is all inside information.  To survive we will also exchange ways and make them teach us how to farm.

Thank You

We will make you proud

Thank you for listening to our expedition proposal and we hope you make the right decision of choosing us. We will work long and hard and you can have full permission to hang or behead us if something goes wrong. Remember, if you want to succeed then come with me!

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