Team Marty!

by Wyatt,Brekin,Sopiha,Emily

Did you know that the Grant’s zebra is born with brown and white stripes. You will be fascinated by the grant’s zebras Habitat, conservation diet and description. These facts will send a tingle up your spine! So read on!


First off its description zebras seem so grace full and beautiful and light but they weigh 385-847 pounds for an adult zebra. An adult zebra can be 44-58 inches at max. In a fight the grant’s zebra can kick it’s appoints to knock them out! Next it’s herbivore diet.


The grant’s zebra is an herbivore because they eat the tips of grass ‘leaves which may consume up to 30 percent of their diet. Sometimes they eat twigs and very rarely they eat shrubs. Interested should be let’s move on to their habitat.


They live in dry lands such as savannas a savanna is a dry place with lots of weeds and twigs. Grass lands are really grassy weedy and have ponds for them to drink from. And they also live in parts of the plans. Next awesome facts.


In Africa there are animals that eat the grant’s zebra for food sources like wild dogs and come in packs to take down the zebra. Lion because they get food for their cubs. Tiger and a hyena to. Looks like that is all we have today.

In conclusion the grant’s zebra is so grace full and beautiful wright know they are least concerned which means that they shouldn’t go extinct but if we don’t take care of them they could go EXTINCT!

thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!

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