"Live everyday to the fullest"

Jacob Baldwin

My personal credo

I believe in the fact that Jesus is the son of God,

the power of a single wave,

the power of a bat and a ball,

the ability to provide for yourself,

the belief that all men are created equal,

the power of the ocean

prayer, heaven, and love.

But I don’t believe in evolution.

I believe in positivity,

I believe in fishing,

I believe in surfing,

soccer, sports, hard work,

And I believe in Christianity.

My Personal Credo

     My personal credo is “live each day to the fullest”. I chose this credo, and it is important to me, because i believe if you don’t live everyday to the fullest, you won’t live your life to the fullest, and that is not a life well spent in my opinion. I think that it is necessary to follow this credo in order to live a purposeful life, because you don’t know when your life could end. Any day could be your last. Live it like it is.

     I chose the credo of “live each day to the fullest” because I find this as a rule to live my own life by this to make life better and more interesting. I had seen this quote many times before and just brushed it off and not payed much attention too it, but one day I saw it on twitter really looked into it and realized how meaningful it truly is. It had an impact on me and I decided that this could be a good motto to live my life by.

      Granted, this belief is important to me because I believe that if you try to follow this saying, that it can help you live a better life. It is very important to me to live an important life because I want to make an impact on the world and not just be another person who serves their time and lives an ordinary life. I think whats the point in living, if your not going to try and make it the best it can possibly get and make an impact, then whats the point of it? That’s why it is important to me.

      I don’t necessarily think my credo will change as I grow older. This is a really important saying to me. But I do think I will find some other ones that impact me and also try to apply them to my life. I think I will find more sayings that I like as i continue in life. If i had to guess on what actions might I change, I would say changing views on some things causing me to choose a new credo to live like. This may help me shape my future by helping me make more of an impact on life and serving a purpose in life.

      Like I've said this credo is significant to me to help me live a better life. I think I would definitely encourage someone to follow this. I also think it could be beneficial for other people to follow this to help them shape their lives also.I think it can really help them have a better life.

By Jacob Baldwin

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