Science Literacy: A Universe of Possibilities


We're taking these ideas home:

1. What IS science writing and its role in society?? Journalists, scientists, teachers, student bloggers can all contribute to science writing - science writers can bridge the gap between society and jargon of science, importance as vehicle for advocacy

2. Intersection of writing and science - should help public/students become informed producers and consumers of science (citizen scientists!)

3. Need to communicate science and become part of community of knowledge - through writing, videos, visuals, etc. (from Mythbuster quote discussion)

4. This experience should motivate life-long learning

Future work and goals:

- Become more familiar with genre of science writing, find models to show learners how genre works

- Think about connections between argumentative writing and science advocacy

- Relate this to what is happening in schools, positively influence formal education and standards (NGSS, Common Core)

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