Halloween activities include trick or treating, costume parties,decorating and carving pumpkins into Jack 'o' Lantern which is my topic. Jack 'o' Lantern is a carved pumpkin associated with the evening of Halloween.In Jack O Lantern the lid is cut of the top of the pumpkin and the inside's are scooped out in order to put a candle or some source of light inside. The image on the face is usually and scary, monstrous or evil.It is likely to see the carved faces on doorsteps or used as decorations for the house.

Zombies are revived and turned into dead people that can move around and eat you so that you turn into one as well, if you are bitten badly you will probably just die.

A ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person and haunts people on the night of Halloween or if you had done something bad to that person. Ghosts are invisible unless you're the one being haunted, sometimes you can see some sort of paranormal activity and it will freak you out but it won't be real.

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