Here are my tribes:

Tribe of sleep

Tribe of sports

Tribes of shoes

Tribes of  clothes

Tribe of family

Tribe of money

Tribe of bilingual

Tribe of  food

The two tribes I'm going to expand on is sleep and sports.

Sleep Tribe

I love sleeping, I need my sleep if I don't get enough sleep I will be in the worst mood ever! I'm always tired, sleeping is a very bad habit for me. When I come home from school I sleep from 2:30 to like 6:45 that's a long time, it's crazy how much I sleep. I can sleep the whole day and still feel tired when I wake up.

Sport Tribe

Every year I play a sport, I'm very lazy when it comes to sports I always have enough energy to play. If I don't play a sport in school then I have to work out at home or something, I don't know I'm really weird.. Like I'm super lazy but I like to exercise  and be active because if I don't I'll feel really fat.