When to burst your friends bubble?

Silena Miranda
Period 5

Summary: No one knows what another person needs. When one of your friends are down you should kind of be opinionated, supportive, argumentative or nonjudmental. Do you know when you should speak up when something is wrong? What do you do? Some friends don't hesitate to speak their mind and tell them how they feel.

Structional Functional:

-Friends don't like to get hurt and would like to keep their relationship.

-It's better to speak to your friends and to build a better relationship.

A manifest function would be to just know when to give your friend advice.

A latent function is that it's better to keep a relationship then over something not worth it.

Social conflict:

-If friends tell their friends how they feel they'll lose a friend.

-It's not fair to lose a friend.

-It's unequal to keep things from each other in a relationship.

Symbolic Interaction:

-It's hard to see your friends get hurt when your only trying to help them.

-Friends are suppose to help each other out.

-Friends have different values and standards in what they want to hear and how they take information in.

Personal Reaction:

In my opinion on when to burst your friends bubble you should know when the right time is but at the same time you don't want your friend to get a certain vibe and get mad. It's better to give them advice then to see them getting hurt afterwards.

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