Help Us Kick Cancer's Butt

Can you support the efforts of Joanne Cohen, Morris Wheeler and the Cleveland StARTup Collective fundraising teams to help find a cure for Cancer by donating to VeloSano? Click here to Donate.

For those of you unfamiliar, VeloSano is a new national fundraiser that will allow individuals and teams to raise money by cycling for Cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. Because of the generosity and vision ofVelosano founding partners, one hundred percent of the money raised by VeloSano’s riders will go to Cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic.

My wife Joanne Cohen and I are riding at least 173 miles on July 18th and 19th to raise money for Cancer Research.  We have sponsored two teams totaling 25 riders (each of whom have agreed to raise $1000 or more for the cause).   Our teams Cleveland StARTup Collective and Team Raven Lining Systems have set a combined goal of raising $35,000.00.  They are close to their goal.  

My family has seen more than its share of pain and death caused by Cancer. In 2004, Richard Mordarski, president of GlasCraft Inc., a friend and President of a division of the company of which I was CEO, died of Pancreatic Cancer. In 2008, Rosalie Cohen, my mother-in-law died of Lung Cancer. In 2009, Morton Cohen, my father-in-law died of Pancreatic Cancer. In 2010, my brother-in-law Carl Cohen died of Colorectal Cancer. In 2011, Stuart Schreiber, a talent agent extraordinaire who helped find a replacement for Richard and became my good friend, died of Pancreatic Cancer. In 2012, my cousin Lauren Levin died at 55 years old of Breast Cancer. In 2013, my cousin Martin Levin died at 54 of Lung Cancer. Many other friends of the family are either cancer survivors or are still battling Cancer.

Sadly, I am sure Cancer has also touched most of you as it has touched us.

Please support our efforts to help find a cure for Cancer by donating to VeloSano?

How far will you go for the cure?

Thanks in advance.
Morris & Joanne

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