The Interior Plains


The Interior plains has short hot summers and cold long winters. If you enjoy winter times you should come to the Interior plains because when winter time comes the weather can go as low as -30'c and in the summer time the weather can go as high as 30'c. When you go further north the weather will get colder no matter the season. The Interior plains get less snow and rain then other regions in Canada. The precipitation in the Interior plains is averaged between 300mm and 500mm (30cm and 50cm). In the south the driest areas gets an average of 271 days a year without snow or rain.

Vegetation and soil

Majority of this lands area is praire land that includes native plants and trees like fire, pine, and spruce. The Interior plains refers to to wide open spaces that are relatively flat. In the Interior plains animals like wolves, deer, elk, and also antelope makes the area home and they also feed off the vegetation that's avalible to them.

Human activity

The Interior plains have got a few major activities such as agriculture and also involves mining. The Agricultural in the Interior plains are split into 2 parts, live stock and vegetables. The live stock that is grown in the Interior plains include cattle, poultry, and many more. The vegetables grown are wheat, oats, conola, mustard, potatoes, flax, and also sugar beets.

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