Famous Renaissance People

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's time line

  • Born April 23 1564
  • 1564-1578 He attended Stratford Grammar school until he was 14
  • 1582 November 28 William marries Anne Hathaway
  • 1592 William leaves Stratford to work in the emerging theaters
  • 1595 William is considered best playwright in London
  • 1598 Shakespeare and others finance building of the Globe theater
  • 1600 First production of Julius Caesar at the Globe theatre
  • 1613 the Globe Theater is burned down
  • 1614 Globe theater rebuilt
  • 1616 Death of William Shakespeare

William Shakespear achievments

Shakespear had many achievements in his life. All together he wrote 154 sonnets, 38 plays and 2 narratives. Some of his most famous plays are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. He was also married to his wife Ann Hathaway and had 3 children 2daughters and a son.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther Timeline

  • 1483 Luther born in Eisleben November 10 1483
  • 1497 Luther attends school in Magdeberg
  • 1505 Enters Augustinian monastery at Erfurt
  • 1506 Takes monastic vows
  • 1507 Ordained priest
  • 1514 He becomes a priest at Wittenberg City Church
  • 1517 October 31 Posts 95 thesis on the castle church door
  • 1518 Inquisition on Martin Luther begins
  • 1519 emperor Maximillian dies and Rome drops inquisition on Martin Luther
  • 1520 Rome returns to inquisition
  • 1520 Papal Bull Surge Domine ( basically condemning Martin Luther and others teachings) is issued
  • 1520 Luther and his students burns The bull and Canon laws
  • 1521 Luther is Excommunicated
  • 1525 peasants war
  • 1546 death of Luther in Eisleben

Martin Luther is one of the greatest protesters of all time. he was the leader of the protestant reform. Invented Lutheranism. He translated the Bible into German. Wrote his 95 thesis condeming things about the church.

Leonardo da Vinci

  • 1452 Leonardo Da Vinci born April 15 in the town of Vinci
  • 1467 sent to Florence to be an apprentice
  • 1472 accepted into the painters guild in Florence
  • 1482 move to Milan as the Dukes painter and engineer
  • 1495 begins work on the last supper
  • 1498 finishes last supper
  • 1500 returns to Florence
  • 1503 Begins work on the Mona Lisa
  • 1516 Leonardo invited to work with the King of France
  • 1519 Leonardo dies in France

Leonardo da Vinci achievements

Leonardo da Vinci had many achievements throughout his life. He was an engineer, an architect, a poet and an artist. He invented things that no one else would think about for another 500 years. He had drawings for submarines, airplanes, and even a tank. He also painted many great works like the Mona Lisa.