Aquarium Project

Seth & Hampton  11-13-2014

-LONG FIN RED MINOR TETRA- The tank size is ten gallons. they are good for beginners. the water temperature is 72-82 degrees. The maximum size is two  inches. Tetras eat aquatic crustaceans worms and artic insects larvae. Tetras are an active, peaceful, schooling that mix well with other fish.   

-ANGEL FISH- The maximum size is six inches. The tank size is 29 gallons or more. The water temperature  is 76-86 degrees. The angel fish enjoys frozen blood worms, shrimp, and daphnia. Angel fish are beautiful, tropical, freshwater fish that comes in a verities of colors.                          

MICKEY MOUSE PLATY-  There water temperature has to be 72-82 degrees, the minimum tank of water needs to be 10 gallons. They are very good entertainment they are also very friendly. $2.00


TANK-  36"L x 15" D x 20 H volume=10800ml cubed 46.9 gallons of water.


you will need 7 bags of gravel for your tank. The 7 bags of gravel will make 2 inches of surface material. The volume is 810ml cubed.




Fish equation

fish 1 = $3.99, fish 2 =$ 1.00, fish 3 = $4.99.




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