A Thankful Life

Gratitude turns what we have into enough

The bell rings! The halls are deserted and I am finally on Thanksgiving break! At this moment I am most thankful for thanksgiving vacation.

We all need a break after working so hard, even teachers.  During the first portion of the school year we have been very busy.  The beginning of school can be very stressful for both students and teachers.  We have to set-up classrooms, get students organized, teach, give assignments and grade them all. By November I am exhausted.  I have dark circles under my eyes and I feel like I am a walking zombie.   The long break will give me a chance to rest and have some fun.  This will ensure that when we return from Thanksgiving break I am ready to just right in to my favorite time of teaching.

Another very important reason I am thankful for a break from school is,  because it is a time to do fun things that I don't normally have time for.  During the busy school weeks things are pretty hectic and crazy.  There is rarely time for fun.  However, this week I will have time for to do whatever I want.  For sure I am going to spend time baking with my kids.  This is one of our favorite activities.  According to Brooklyn, my oldest daughter, cookies, pumpkin roll, and cupcakes are on the menu.  We will also spend a lot of time with my brothers, sisters and their kids.  I can ensure you time with the whole crew will be wild, loud, full of games, fun, and craziness, just the way I love it.  I cannot wait.  I will also make sure to spend some time with my mom doing our favorite thing.  Shopping!  We will Black Friday shop and find all of the good deals.

As much as I love school and all that goes into teaching you wonderful kids, at some point I need a break.  That is why I have been most thankful for a break this weekend.

Stay tuned for my next THANKFUL post.....