Deep Springs College

Deep Springs College is an all-male liberal arts school located in Deep Springs Nevada. It is a non-traditional school with focuses on political philosophy and labor. The college is located on a large alfalfa hay ranch, and students are required to work on the ranch. Complete class/grade size is around fifteen. Admission, room and board, dining and application costs are free. Textbooks and travels are not covered by Deep Springs, however.

Deep Springs student body sets up the rules each year, voting on specific rules in regards to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, academics, attendance and etiquette. Class sizes are usually small, usually 5-7 student classes.

Most students go on to transfer to an Ivy League schools, statistics show. The only degree available is an  Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.   

Deep Springs College's Motto is

"Academics, Labor and Self-Governance"

Admissions to Deep Springs

  • There are no recommended courses suggested in applying to Deep Springs
  • There's emphasis on the interview process rather than SAT Scores, but most applicants are typically in the 700 Range in Verbal.
  • Prospective students must apply by November 7th of the beginning fall semester of the school year. Their application is reviewed by student body and faculty, and then applicants chosen are invited to the second part of application.
  • The second part of Application requires letters of recommendation and further interview processes that take place in Deep Springs in Nevada.
  • There is no application cost, unless you count the flight to Nevada for the Second Part of the Interview process.   

Academic Costs & Scholarships
at Deep Springs

  • Tuition is completely free, valued at 50,000 USD annually. (Per academic school year)
  • The only required expenses are travel and textbooks, averaging around 2,800 USD Annually.
  • Scholarships are not seen as necessary as tuition is free, so there are no school-funded scholarships
  • Students can receive third party loans for travel and textbook expenses.

Student Housing at Deep Springs

  • Students of Deep Springs live in the dormitory area, they cannot live off campus or commute.
  • Students live in large rooms that usually house two to five students.
  • Students can have any pets they want, as long as students are responsible for them.
  • There is no housing office. Welcome to the Ranch.

Employment and Labor

  • Students at Deep Springs are required to work on the ranch, farm or garden of the facility.
  • Work is not optional, and there is no payment for working on the ranch.
  • Students typically can choose their job based on availability, but sometimes some positions may be already taken.

Campus Visits

  • Campus visits are required for the second part of the interview process.
  • Campus visits are free, and prospective students get the opportunity to help out with work, and live on campus and attend some classes in the winter.
  • The school does not provide college visitors with travel funds.
  • You will be formally invited for a visit in the winter months if you make it past the first part of applications.

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