Cottontail Industries Growth  

The event is industries shrinking and losing money.

There are no real people in this cartoon.

The bunnies represent the Easter Bunny.

The newspaper represents cottontail industries growth projection.

The opinion is that with companies losing money and the market going down that you should save money not spend it all or you will go broke.

Yes I agree, it says they shouldn't have put all there eggs in one basket and that's saying they should have handled their eggs (money) more wisely . The looks on their faces are scared because they don't want all of their money going down the drain.

Graduation selfie

The event is student loans after college graduation.

There are no real people.

The snake represents loans.

The kid represents students

The opinion is that after graduating students are  in a death grip of loans.

Yes I agree, it takes most of some peoples lives to pay it off.