History of Video games

When it started.

Gaming consoles  only started appearing at around the 1940's in which Edward U, Condon created the game Nim. The aim of Nim being that players had to avoid picking up the last match, the computer winning 90% of matches.

The first computer based game.

In 1962 MIT student Steve Russel invents the computer based game "Spacewar!". Spacewar! then spread to many computers across the country.

The creation of the "Brown Box"

The brown box was the first prototype gaming console to be made for television which allowed players to play games like tennis and other games.


In 1972 Atari creators Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn created the famous original game "Pong". When Atari tested the game in Capps Town Sunnyvale, The game stopped working because it was jammed by the coins of people who where playing it too much.

"Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-man"

In 1980 Game creator Turo Iwatani created the game Pac-Man, Which went on sale in July 1980. That year a version was created for the Atari 2600 and became the first Hit game to be released on the Console. Two years after the creation of Pac-Man, The Ms. Pac-Man game was created and it became the Biggest selling Arcade game of all time.

The Gameboy

Nintendo Released its Handheld Gaming device in 1982. Compared to the Portal game system Microvision which was released by Milton Bradley, It charmed users with its Good game play, Ease of use and Its long battery life.


Microsoft entered the gaming industry in 2001 and released the Xbox, releasing games like Halo: Combat Evolved.

The effect it had on society

Sins there creation in the 1940's Video games have been a popular free time activity for many people and as they grew more people continued to play. Games where made from various different areas and ideas which meant that anyone had the ability to do it.




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