Are the questions you ask REALLY making your students THINK?

How it works

This professional learning experience is self paced, self directed and self lead. However, I am available to assist you as needed.  This PL will take place through out the school year.  We will meet at least 4 times during the year to discuss each portion of the PL.  All activities must be completed to receive credit.  Upon completion, you will receive professional learning credit.  

Activities to complete

  1. Meet with Coach to discuss H.O.T. (First cycle)
  2. Record yourself (audio and/or video) teaching for a minimum of 10 minutes.  You are the only person who will see/hear the recording...unless you choose to share.
  3. Watch/listen to yourself.
  4. Record all the questions you asked students.  Determine the level of blooms for each question. Fill out the Google form (see button below).
  5. Set a professional learning goal.
  6. Reflect on your findings in Edmodo (see button below).
  7. Using the resources below (or any others you find), to do some research and Read an Article, Blog, Participate in a Forum or Watch a video to support your professional learning goal.
  8. Record yourself again, be aware of your professional learning goal and the information you gained from your research.  Reflect again in Edmodo on "How have you grown from this experience?"
  9. How do we grow our students as "thinkers?" (3rd cycle)
  10. Looking to the future (4th cycle)

Join the PL

Edmodo Reflection

Click on the button below to join the Armand Bayou Virtual Professional Learning Group

Data Collection

All data collected will be kept confidential...unless you choose to share.  Reminder - you need to use your CCISD Google account ( to access the Google form.


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