Information Technology in a Global Society - Chapter 14 (page 292)

ITGS - Adrian Barela

Filtering by individuals

  • can be preformed by home users, organizations, or business depending on their needs
    -Businesses use to often block social media sites for their employees
    -School districts often block websites that could be potentially harmful to students
  • Internet routers often include firewalls which configure to block particular websites, a network servers software can produce the same effect.
  • Proxy servers are used to go around the black listed websites set up by these firewalls or software.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to send and receive encrypted data along the same lines as a proxy.

Content rating systems

  • these work by categorizing a web sites content and then configuring web browser to allow or disallow access.
  • some websites rate themselves based on categories such as drug use, ban language and violence.
  • Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) tried going to websites and rating them based on the following categories, they were later discontinued in 2010
  • Search Engine filtering is filtering our web searches.

DNS Poisoning

  • masks the real IP with another IP address.

Ethical Issues

  • censorship
  • informed what blocked
  • '404' error
  • accidental blocking of business websites can cause long and short term effects
  • quick and simple review of the websites are needed
  • some web filters are 'dirty'
  • Cultural diversity

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