About me:

Favorite Class:

World History. I get to learn about what the world was like many years ago and even recent events.

Favorite Food:

How can you pick a favorite food? My absolute favorite would be Kimchi with fried rice and seaweed wrapped around it. A tasty Korean treat that will make your tastebuds explode!

My favorite book/last book I read:

My favorite book would be Fangirl and the last book I read would be Eleanor & Park. (Still reading Eleanor & Park.) Both of which are by Rainbow Rowell. These books are incredibly written and are very relatable.

My favorite movie:

I have a lot of favorite movies, although I typically don't like violent movies I would have to say my favorite movie is "Gone Girl".

My favorite band/musical artist:

Ahh, I'm a Directioner all the way so I'm going to say One Direction. I've been a fan for four and a half years. Enjoy this gif of the boys in 2010. How can you not love them?  

My hobbies:

I play many sports including, basketball, soccer, and football. I sing quite a lot, which happens often. Art is going to be included (drawing, painting, etc.)  

Extra facts:

I absolutely love to read. My music ranges from Indie to classical, of course One Direction is included, but in the pop category. My favorite classical piece would have to be "Transcriptions"by, Bach. I have an Australian Cattle dog named, Texas.

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