When thinking about a famous social movement from history, my mind immediately thinks “fix!” (not because I have to do an assignment on this, or anything). The word “fix” accurately describes social movements such as the Civil Rights movement, the jail movement, and the abolitionist movement. This is because the leaders of these movements did their best to fix the problems they discovered. For example, in Chapter 18 of History Alive (page 244), Dorthea Dix “gathered first hand information about the horrors she had seen” in the prison systems of that time. Also, John Brown used violence to fix and reform the lives the slaves had, and tried to kill their masters. According to Fredrick Douglas, John Brown thought that “the capture of Harper’s Ferry would serve as notice to the slaves that their friends had come, and as a trumpet to rally them” (Document B).  John Brown believed he could fix the slavery in the South by reforming the owners in his own special way, and we all know how that ended. The word “fix” accurately describes a social reformation, because they are synonyms, and because of the evidence I stated above. Thus endeth this crappy conclusion.