Cheap houses in constantinople

Constantly Noble

The Geography

You should buy a house in Constantinople because were right beside an ocean so there are lots of jobs for fishing, ship building, and sailors. Also our land is easy to defend with the ocean around us and a huge wall that is easy to defend.


When you move to Constantinople your part of our Eastern Orthodox Church. The Eastern Orthodox church is great because orthodox means "in agreement with the right belief." Also our religion and government are very closely linked so our emperor isn't just the ruler he is a living representation of God and Jesus Christ. Lastly, both the clergy and worshipers of God and Jesus sing or chant the liturgy conducted in Greek or the local language but we also pray to the saints including Saint Basil and Saint Cyril.


We are ruled by Justinian The First he is very powerful because he protected us by killing 30,000 rioters. also he is not just our ruler he is also the living representation of God and Jesus Christ so make sure to treat him with lots of respect. Plus, he has put lots of money into building bridges, baths, parks, roads, and hospitals. Lastly he wrote Justinian code witch is a very systematic body of law that got rid of  the old confusing laws.

Daily Life

We are much more advanced than western Europe. We have sewer systems, hospitals, homes for the elderly, and orphanages. Also, we give food to the unemployed in exchange for sweeping the streets or weeding gardens. Lastly we have a very famous hippodrome were we hold chariot races were the red, blue, green, and yellow teams compete.

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