Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

For many years people have looked for the key to willpower. has over 798 results for "Willpower" in their books section. What is willpower? Is it self control? Is it discipline? It is hard to tell. One fact remains, people want it. Almost everyone is looking for a secret to improve their health, weight, income level, family life or many other things. On my own journey to reach my goals I have come to understand an important contributor to willpower.

When you begin to focus on a goal, you lay down milestones . If this goal is losing weight for instance, you will pick some incremental numbers along the way that represent some percentage of completion of your goal. The achievement of these milestones, quickly can often represent the turning point for your willpower. When you see results, it is easy to continue. When you don't, it seems impossible and your willpower plummets. Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to learn a new language, it can be disheartening when you don't see results quickly. We become so focused on the milestones we can lose sight of what is going on.

You are changing, from the inside out. The changes you are looking for are coming. But the outward manifestations of change are the last things to show up, not the first. We must continue to apply consistent focused effort to our goals. When we do, the goal will be achieved. You will arrive at your destination. The milestones may be slow in coming, but come they will. don't allow a lack of results to deter you from something that you know will produce results.

When you are using two pieces of wood to start a fire you must rub the sticks together for a long time to create heat. That heat will eventually start a fire. If you are rubbing the sticks together and you see smoke, what do you do? You keep going. Fire is coming. If you are rubbing two sticks together and you don't see smoke, what do you do? You keep going. Fire is coming. Your fire will come. Your ability to start a fire will be determined by how long you are willing to rub those sticks together, regardless of what you see.Don't allow a lack of smoke to prevent you from getting your fire started.