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  • Cosmetology – it’s the study and application of beauty treatment
  • cosmetologist - provide beauty services that include caring for the cosmetic condition of hair, skin , and nails
  • Cosmetology

    there are products that you use to beautify people , because you cant use the same thing for everyone , because different people have different bodies and different reactions to everything an you never know no ones reaction.


    Is someone who applies the products on you and does your service that you want and also your friend because ,our job as an cosmetologist is to make each client happy and want to return to your chair and get to know each client so you can make suggestions with them about there hair , nails, skin, and beauty, #1 rule be honest

    2 Types of Hair Stlyes

    Damaged Hair - You Have To Get It Cut ,Or It Will Brake Off To The Roots. Healthy looking hair has a smooth, tightly closed cuticle layer that protects the inner cortex from drying out. The cuticle layer allows hair to maintain its moisture balance, and gives hair its elasticity, strength and shine. Hair Damage is a serious problem for many people. Hair damage can range from uplifted cuticle scales resulting in dullness and decreased shine to bubbled and brittle cuticles to complete removal of the cuticle layer. Damaged hair is dry, porous, weak and hard to manage. Knots, tangles, back-combing and hair elastics can lift the cells of the cuticle layer, which can eventually lead to cortex exposure and hair breakage.

    healthy hair - You can tell healthy hair it full body it doesn’t look stringy or damaged it just beautiful. change your washing routine do not wash your hair everyday it can dry it hair out. handle your hair gently. do not ball your hair up in towels an things because it can destroy the shapes an fiber. eat nutrients that nourish your hair. vitamin B keeps hair thick and strong. eat plenty of fruits.vegetables and nuts to get enough vitamin B.

    Hair styles

    Different things that can effect your hair style

    face shape

    head shape

    body shape


    5 reasons you should become a cosmetologist

    • .The job demand is increasing so their will be more jobs in cosmetology
    • You can express yourself artistically every single day
    • You can get in the work force sooner
    • You can get an unspoken reward for your achievements
    • If you are a parent it will fit in your schedule

    Cosmetology Programs

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