When an organism has a disorder that contributes to its function.

Multiple Sclerosis( MS )

What is it?- Multiple Sclerosis is commonly known as MS. It is  a disease that causes the central nervous system to be disabled, also can disrupt the flow of information sent from the brain to the body.

What causes it? MS is not hereditary, however if you have a close relative that has MS your odds are increased to have it as well. Many researchers/doctors believe that you are born with the MS gene but until the body has interacted with an environmental factor the gene is not implemented.

How is the individual's life impacted by this disease?- The individual will gain many symptoms such as Walking Difficulties, Fatigue, Weakness, Dizziness, Vision Problems, Depression, and many others.

Is it curable or treatable and HOW?- MS is not curable, but is treatable. MS can be treated through rehabilitation centers, medication, and comprehensive care.

Lung Cancer:

Lung Cancer starts by forming in the tissue of the lung, often in the lining air of breathing ways.

What causes it?- Most of the time lung cancer is caused by smoking, but not always. This falls under the category of Poor Lifestyle Choices.

How is the affected individual's life impacted by the disease?- As the stages get worse, symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and bloody mucus begin to develop.

Is it curable or treatable and HOW?- Cancer is only treatable, and this is possible by surgery, chemotherapy, and or radiation.


excessive body fat that increases the odds of health problems

How is the affected individual's life impacted by the disease? Health problems such as diabetes, congestive heart problems, and possible heart failure.

What causes it? Obesity is caused by overeating, medications, slow metabolism and others.

Is it curable or treatable and HOW?- Yes, it is curable if you choose to exercise and commit to losing bad eating habits.

Lifestyle Choices:

Lifestyle choices is when you make decisions in your life that eventually lead to results.


Things that are in your general environment that cause diseases.


When the disease is automatically carried in your genes.