Firefox Target Indian Mobile Market Offering A $33 Smartphone

On April 23, 2013 Firefox released their own smartphone platform, the Firefox OS. Starting with only two devices during launch there are now nine Firefox OS powered smartphones in their line-up. The latest offering being Intex Cloud FX targeting entry-level Indian mobile users, for people who wish to have a smartphone in real low cost.

Most interesting thing about release of Cloud FX smartphone is its price, an unlocked version of the device is offered for $33 only, which equals to Rs.1999 as of Indian market.

The Device

Intex Cloud FX is a touch screen smartphone powered by Mozilla’s Firefox OS. The device do not hosts powerful hardware and is not at all attractive for audience who can pay for mid-range smartphones. Intex Cloud FX is released in Indian market challenging entry level Android smartphones, and that too in one third of their price.

The Specs

The hardware specs are not going to impress you but Cloud FX is optimized to work with the same. Cloud FX has a HVGA display of 3.5 inches with resolution of 320x480 pixels. Under the hood it hides 128 MB of RAM and 256 MB ROM, available storage capacity is just under 50 MB to user which can be increased using external micro SD card.

Intex Cloud FX has a rear camera of 2 MP, the quality of images captured is not very good to which one cannot complain as the device costs only $33 (1999 INR).


Availability of apps over store is first thing that comes in mind when someone thinks about new mobile platform. Firefox OS is having almost every app that user needs these days, the device comes pre-loaded with popular social apps. Most popular messaging app WhatsApp is unavailable over Firefox OS store but the device lets you connect with your WhatsApp friends via Connect a2 app.

You can check out their app offerings over Firefox Marketplace, sure their marketplace is not very crowded yet but most of the popular apps are available for download.

Here is a video review of the phone.


Mozilla released first Firefox OS powered smartphone “Intex Cloud FX” in Indian market at real low price, for just $33 / 1999 INR. The device has low hardware specifications but the OS is optimized for same. All popular mobile applications including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp as connect a2, Telegram, Candy Crush, Line, Cut the Rope, Twitter, etc. are available over marketplace.

In brief, Cloud FX is an attractive entry-level smartphone for developing Indian mobile market. Available for such low price it will affect sales of entry-level Android powered smartphones.

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