All About Abe Schissel

If you can freeride longboard, you will understand.

Basic Info

I was Born in Davenport. We moved to Dubuque when I was two, witch I'm glad we did because Davenport has no good hills to skate on. As you can tell I love to freeride longboard. My eye color is blue and I was born on 2/18/98.

My name is Abraham Schissel and I have 2 brothers. My biggest fear would be heights, however I am not one to back down from a sky diving trip. I have always wanted to go and I probably will someday. I love my family and freedom. My dream is to own a big area of land where I can build and do whatever I want. I also like to snowboard (when it's winter).

Family History

I don't know anything about my family history, I think Schissel comes from Germany because it sounds German. I was born in Davenport but I moved to Dubuque when I was 2.

About The Name

Schissel literally means a woodworker in German and is common in Jewish communities. However the internet is an unreliable source as I just found another definition saying it means "spiritually tense". As for my first, c'mon this is the U.S. our names don't mean shit. I do like my name though, It's unique I have only met two other Abe's in my life and they were both while I was on vacation.

My Hobbies

My favorite thing in the world without a doubt would be freeride longboarding I've been doing it for 5 years now. I can remember my first time riding my friends longboard, It was insane, it was like being in jail and all of the sudden you're set free. From then I got one of my own. Then I saw a video of these guys going down huge hills and turning their boards sideways. It was called "freeriding" and ever since I have been honing my skills to go down any hill I wan't and I have most definitely achieved that. I even make video's just like them. I also hacky sack, snowboard, play video games, skateboard and mnt. bike but my true passion is and always will be longboarding.


I would like to go to NICC once I get out of the ALC I just want like a 2 year degree because I really hate school and I don't think I can do anything more than that. I would like to become an EMT and save lives. I really don't want kids at the moment but If I get a good job and actually make enough to support a family I may. I want to move to Colorado for the mountains.

Steps To Change

Iv'e already made steps towards my goal by coming here and doing my work. If I just keep passing classes and graduate from college my goals will all be accomplished.


Up to this point I am doing pretty good, I'm making my own money, I'm passing classes and I feel like I am prepared for the future however it plays out. School really sucks If we started at 10 pm I would not be hear at the ALC. Getting up before 9 is torture, I can't do it.


It is very important to have an identity as this is the only thing a person can truly own. Every thing you have ever bought can be taken away but no one can take who you are . If the boy had had an identity none of the things in this book would've happened, he would've had a home and a set religion. If he was a Jew then worse probably would've happen to him because there is no where to hide when you are controlled by your parents and are bound to your home. He also would have never met Uri. His life compares nothing to mine. Identity is so vital to have, it is who you are, everything you love, all you're hobbies. This boy never really had a life because even he didn't know his own name.

Without an identity I would be nothing, I wouldn't have goals, I wouldn't have any family and most importantly I would have no name. I would just be a blank slate without anything differentiating me from everyone else in my town. Life would just happen, no good experiences or goal meeting, I would just be a human being and nothing else. Not to mention I would have no friends without an identity, no personality to spice up conversation. Life would be extremely boring without knowing who you are or what you came from.  

Society needs to be aware of individual identity because we are just that, individuals, Humans are not copies, they are unique. Every person has their strengths and weaknesses and it is acknowledging them that makes a society prosper. If everyone did the same thing or got assigned jobs randomly the whole system would collapse. Not to mention life would be so boring without hobbies or things people enjoy doing. Identity is the most important thing for an individual to have because its individuals working together that form healthy societies.

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