Did I Do It?

Kiyah N.

One day Molly was drawing a picture but she over heard yelling.

She got out of her chair and went to the kitchen. She saw Mommy and Daddy fussing.

Before Molly could even ask what was wrong, Daddy stormed out of the house.

Molly began to cry. Her mommy came and picked her up. She said, "Molly, don't cry. There is no reason to cry."

Molly still crying, stands and says, "But Daddy left, he didn't say anything to me. He must be mad at me. That's why he is being mean to you."

Her Mommy began to tear up but didn't let one tear fall. She wanted to be strong for Molly. She said "Molly, wipe your face. I have to tell you something."

Molly wipes her eyes as her Mommy told her and she stood in front of her Mommy.

Mommy says, "Molly, Daddy and I aren't getting along. It has nothing to with you. Daddy won't be leaving with us anymore but he will visit you. WE both love you."

Molly looked at her Mommy and smiled. She said "So Daddy does love me. It's not my fault!"

                           THE END!

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