UTA Reflection

Katerra Taylor

My thoughts were we were going to actually tour the campus, and instead, we sat on a hard surface and heard people talk! I thin the best part was the Science Show, because it taught me new things that I thought I knew when I didn't. The least that I liked was sitting on the hard floor and listening to them talk instead of touring, once again. I would consider them to check the weather or let us know ahead of time so that we could actually tour the campus. I would consider going here, because I really have been wanting to go there since I was 4 because I thought that it would be awesome to see the wonderful things that they had in store for me, also I would be able to achieve my goals, get a good job, and a scholarship.

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If I do decide to go to UTA and don't change my mind, I hope that I get to be a nurse or a teacher, because I want to know how to help people at the same time share my knowledge with other students. if I can, I WILL do both so I can be more successful in life, and be smarter. I will try my HARDEST to reach those 2 goals and accomplish more in my life!!!I think I would like to have that opportunity to go to UTA, 1 because I live right down the street from UTA, and 2 my sister and I considered going there together.

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