Unit 4 Assessment

Addressing Questions 2,4,5

Question 2: The reasoning behind the border conflict between Israel and Palestine is the two countries can't seem to get along. The main key issues are mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights and control of Jerusalem. There has also been many acts of violence towards one another. Violence has come from regular armies, paramilitary groups, terror cells, and regular people. This has stopped many people from around the world to come see the region's historic and religious sites.  Some have voted for a line to be drawn between the two places and make them two independent states but not everyone voted towards it. A lot of Palestinians and Israelis would like to see the two state line location be drawn at the West Bank and Gaza Strip. I believe many want this two state line to happen and for this conflict to be resolved. I think the two state line will stop a lot of conflict and create independence.  

Question 4: The significance of the Holy Land to all involved is it all holds something special to their religion. The religious involvement to the Holy Land for Jews is that the Holy Land is the holiest city to them and once was the home of their great temple. The significance of the Holy Land to Muslims is that Mohammad rose from heaven there. The significance of the Holy Land to Christians is that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead there.

Question 5: The control of natural resources create economic and social differences because in the Middle East there is a lot of oil in their ground that many people use around the world. The oil has made Middle East rich from other countries and people buying oil off of them. The conflict caused by the amount of oil is territorial conflict and conflict between oil - rich countries. Oil is becoming more scarce and valuable so the conflict could increase. There is also fight over water between Israel and Palestine, where their land is very dry and has little water. The economic conflict from oil is that if there is a low supply in oil then the prices go up for people around the world to get oil. People use oil everyday, in their homes, cars, etc. So if there is limited supply on oil then that could cause of huge issue for people who need oil and also people can't always afford to pay more money for oil. At one point my parents oil company wasn't getting oil delivered on time so my dad was worried about the house losing oil.

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