Edgar Allen Poe

Poe's Childhood

                     Edgar Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. Elizabeth Poe, his mother, died in 1811 when Edgar was 2 years old. She had separated from her husband and had taken her three kids with her. Henry, his brother, went to live with his grandparents while Edgar was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan and Rosalie, his sister,was taken in by another family. John Allan was a successful merchant.

Poe's Influence On Today

                           The writing of Edgar Allan Poe has influenced diverse writers and thinkers including Charles Baudelaire, Jules Verne and H. P. Lovecraft. Edgar Allan Poe is also seen as being instrumental in the development of the literary genres of Science Fiction and Mystery. The catalog of his writing is diverse and includes such classics as “The Fall of the House of Usher", “The Purloined Letter", and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.

Poe's Struggling Writer

                In 1831, Edgar Allan Poe went to New York City where he had some of his poetry published. He submitted stories to a number of magazines and they were all rejected. Poe had no friends, no job, and was in financial trouble. He sent a letter to John Allan begging for help but none came. John Allan died in 1834 and did not mention Edgar in his will.

Poe's Scientific Influences

                    In 1835, Poe published “Hans Phaall, A Tale” the story of a trip to the moon. Although other writers had written fantastic stories, Poe added realistic scientific details to make his stories more believable. Thus the modern science fiction story was born. Throughout his career Poe wrote stories about the limits of technology.

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