Technology in the Classroom

Module 102 Assignment

Module 102 Assignment

The picture I posted displays technology being used in the classroom. The device that is being used is known as a Promethean Board, or Smart Board. “Electronic whiteboards is a display system that allows users to control computer screen operations with a stylus or finger.” (Winslow, pg.20) These boards are becoming more common in classrooms. Almost every modern classroom has this type of technology installed. The one in the picture does not seem to be the most up-to-date. “The most advanced (and most costly) models use no projection technology at all and instead imbed the whiteboard functionalities within a large LCD display.” (Winslow, pg.20) The board is powered by being plug into the wall. This board is probably used quite frequently in the classroom pictured. I would imagine that the teacher uses this form of technology on a daily basis to teach her lessons. The teacher may use this board to teach subjects such as math and grammar. Her young students seem to be very engaged in the lesson, which leads me to believe that the board is relevant in that certain classroom. The lesson that the picture captures seems to be going smoothly. One student is actively working with the teacher on the Promethean Board while the rest of the class is sitting patiently with their arms raised to be next to be called to the board or to answer the questions being asked. These boards are currently trending and helpful with instructional workflow.

The picture also displays a projector that is mounted on the ceiling. These projectors are seen very frequently in classrooms of all sizes and are used in the aid of the electronic whiteboards. “Connecting a projector used to require that the host computer workstation have the exact same resolution as the projector.” (Winslow, pg. 21) This means that there is a computer in the classroom that the picture does not reveal. The computer is compatible with the projector, which enables it to work successfully. Projectors that are mounted from the ceiling like this one are up-to-date. These projectors can be used for almost anything. The teacher could project power points from her computer to the screen, or she could display videos for her class to watch. Projectors such as this are relevant to the instructional workflow. They make almost any lesson possible.

Winslow, J., Dickerson, J., Lee, C. (2013). Applied Technologies for Teachers. (pp. 20-21). Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

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