Stan Lee

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language arts class

The amazing man that is the face of marvel called Stan Lee was born on December 28th

in 1922 in Manhattan, NYC!

significant events in history that affected his life

.Stan grew up during the great depression

.he won a student writing competition as a teen and a teacher told him to pursue writing

.the fist success on TV was a live action series about the hulk

.Marvel comics called for bankruptcy but a billionaire bought the company

.one of his first daughters died at a very young age


When growing up he realized of how the stress of income affected a marriage so he got a job first as a usher at a local theater then started working for his Aunt's husband at timely comics.His dad later on tried to open up a shop with the money he saved but failed.

people who influenced Stan's life

Teacher- promoted him to work in writing

Wife- when she told him to try comics one last time when he got very bored of the job and sales were at a all time low

Aunt's husband-he decided to hire Stan just to be nice and then promoted him for when the main writers left for another comics company dark horse comics because he cheated them off of captain america comics

Unique facts

after the dispute of cheating sales on comics,since he was the main writer then he made up a bunch of wacky names so people wouldn't think it was a one man operation like Stanley,and Neel nats which was Stan lee backwards with a added on N.


He helped create one of the hugest companies ever

He created one of the first teams for marvel

He created spider man which became a huge success

He also created one of the first teams the same age as their readers.

The theme of Stan's life

He acknowledged of how important reading was for the youth since it taught them writing skills and provide entertainment.

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