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Organisational Background:

EPODE International Network is a not-for-profit organisation that gathers over 40 community-based obesity prevention programmes and healthy active initiatives from across the world, to gradually change the local environment, modify behaviours and create new social norms based on healthy lifestyles.

“EPODE" is in fact a coordinated, capacity-building model for communities to help them change the local social norms, behaviours, environment and encourage healthy lifestyles. EPODE’s goal is to enable community stakeholders to implement effective and sustainable strategies to prevent childhood obesity and NCDs at the local level.

In communities implementing the EPODE model, we have seen promising results. Between 2004 and 2009 in a community in Northern France, a 10% reduction in the prevalence of overweight and obesity demonstrated the efficiency of the EPODE methodology. More recently, in Belgium, the Viasano community-based programme (CBP) has seen a reduction of 22% in the prevalence of overweight in its pilot towns and between these pilot towns and comparison towns of the French community. Evaluation of the other EPODE programmes is currently underway.

The EPODE International Network gathers these prevention programmes, bringing them together to optimize the effectiveness of obesity prevention programmes around the world by:

  • Advocating for increased political attention to obesity prevention
  • Job Purpose:

    Development, animation and coordination of EIN programme members and the communication of the organization to improve the visibility of the network and the work of its members.



    1. Lead on the development and implementation of annual communication plan

           a. Manage the development and dissemination of monthly communication tools:                 Newsletter, Scorecard

           b. Manage the development and dissemination of annual communication tools:                   Annual Report

           c. Manage the EIN social media account

           d. Manage the uploading and updating of materials on the EIN website

    2. Lead in the organisation of EIN regional and global events

    3. Identify and follow through on opportunities to raise the profile of EIN’s work through collaborations, events and other activities

    4. Provide support in the creation of event presentations

    5. Provide support in the development of scientific abstracts

    6. Actively work within the policies and ethos of the organisation


    1. Coordinate current members of EIN, organizing regular updates via phone, email etc.

    2. Support EIN programme members project managers in implementing their communication strategies, ie. Support re social media, press relations

    3. Develop and manage a plan of recruitment with the EIN Board of Directors

    4. Keep the programme contact databases up to date

    5. Participate as an active member of EIN in meetings and administrative discussions.

    Person Specification:



    • Experience in communications
    • Strong oral and written communication skills, including briefing papers, press releases, use of social media, etc., and ability to synthesize key concepts and convey messages to diverse audiences
    • Excellent organisation, planning, communication and follow-up skills
    • Strong analytic and planning skills
    • Proficiency in spoken and written English
    • Good basis in French
    • Proven skills in editing, proof reading and research, with excellent attention to detail.
    • Excellent computer skills (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
    • Ability to take initiative and manage assignments from conceptualization to completion
    • Ability to prioritise and manage multiple projects with conflicting time frames
    • Strong interpersonal skills


    • Comprehensive understanding of European Union and framework
    • Interest in the global obesity issue
    • Experience of project management
    • Fluency in Spanish
    • Experience of event planning and management
    • Experience of contacts databases and project management systems

    Other Key Information

    • - Position for young professional or recently graduated students
    • - The position is based in Paris within the Proteines Agency
    • - Salary based on experience

    Check our websites:

    1. www.epode-international-network.com
    2. www.ephestory.eu
    3. www.openprogram.eu

    Please contact hduplessis@epode.be and Hannah@epode.Be

    Deadline for application the 16th of February.

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