Inheritance part 3

My family has inherited my house up north in White Earth, my grandma got it and when she passes it's my mothers then after that it would be me and my siblings.

1. Kind of, my great grandma Winnie built the house in the 1900's so it's pretty old. The house has been something my family has found refuge in and it's a very safe and  peaceful house.

2. Something I know about my inheritance is that the land that it is on is ours next to Bass lake but besides it being our land, the rest of the area is owned by this family and they've been trying to get us to sell our land.

3. The importance is mainly that this is the only thing that is ours like fully ours, we don't have much and since we our native and the house is right next to the Rez we get to maintain our traditions.

4. I'm  not exactly sure how my grandma Winnie was able to get the land also I'm not sure who helped her build the house.

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