Atmosphere: Lindsay

1:  Troposphere: As You Go Higher The Temperature Wll Decrease

2:  Atmosphere:  As You Go Higher Your Skin will get Big and 3 times bigger than usaul,  That is because the air or gravity isnt pushing as much on here so it more loose

3:  Thermosphere:  This layer is the hottest because it closer to the sun but it will more than hot it will feel cold and you will shiver

4:  Statosphere:  It the o-zone layer, It protects us from radition from the sun and the lower part is colder as you get higher it will warmth will increase

5:  Mesosphere:  Protects us from meoters and the tempeture will decrease as in getting colder and its the middle layer

6: Thermosphere:  Least presure it haas 2 kinds of layer there both diffrent the satelites layer and the Auroras/Northen lightes happen hear

7:  Atmosphere: Its big and is earths shield and it goes around earth

8: Atmosphere:  A very long time ago it contained 200 times more carbon diaxoide than the atmosphere today and alos in thoses billions of years ago there was very little atmosphere

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