The Shang dynasty

By Owen Guerrero

The Shang Dynasty by Owen Guerrero

Who Were the Shang?

The Shang were people who belived in the afterlife, in Shang burils each tomb had a large ramp leading done to it in some tombs  they put jars of food around them and metal containers, prized passations, weapons, jade carved ornaments, bone cravings, pieces of pottery ,and stone scultures and even chariots, was buried in there tomb.

The Government and Military  

it was led by a powerful king under to extend his power he set up smaller kingdoms lead by his brothers or nephews, kings depended on strong armies to maintain there rule, the Shang kings almost always to in constant warfare, prinsoners of warfare were used in scarafices. Shang's weapons were made of bronze in war.

Shang's Relgion

#3c3c3c">Shang religion centered on #424eac">ancestor worship. The treasures buried in kings’ tombs show that the Shang believed in a life after death. They also believed that dead ancestors had the power to help or harm the living. For this reason, the Shang honored their ancestors. As signs of respect, worshippers gave offerings of food, and sometimes made human sacrifices.

The End of The Shang Dynasty

#3c3c3c">The Shang excelled in war, enabling the ruling classes to build up great wealth. But, in time, these very strengths helped to bring about the end of the dynasty. Constant warfare eventually weakened the military power of the Shang. In 1045 B.C.E., a clan called Zhou started to rebel against the Shang they caught the Shang of guard and defeating them to start the begin on the Zhou Dynasty.

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