IsabellaS AbbeyH

1st Period

March 20,2015

Mars-The Red Planet of Mystery

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What is Mars?

Mars is a planet in out solar system, specifically the 4th planet from the sun, the most similar planet to Earth, and also called the Red planet.

Mars' physical features

1. Mars' mass is 6.4219E23 Kg

2. Mars is made out of talcum powder (baby powder), and basalt rock.

3. Mars' atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen.

4. Mars is an inner planet, and scientists believe that water used to exist on Mars.

5. Mars is 228 million Km from the Sun, which makes the planet colder / cold desert.

Rotation and Revolution

Mars takes 24 hours to rotate just like Earth.

Mars takes 1.9 Earth Years to revolve around the Sun.

Mars' interesting facts.

1. Mars is latin for Ares the god of war.

2. 1st spacecraft on Mars was Mariner4

3. Mars has 2 known moons, Phobos and Deimos

4. Mars has one of the tallest mountain in our Solar System 21 Km high, 600 Km diameter. Olympus Mons.

5. Phobos is doomed. It is going to rip apart OR crash into Mars.

R.I.P. Phobos

Thank You hoped you learn something!!! :)