Enriching the 5th Grade Classroom
with Technology

Presented by: Emily Browder & Laurie Burkhalter
Clear Lake City Elementary, 5th Grade


  • Meet, Greet and Share
  • Explore Screencast-O-Matic
  • Explore Nearpod
  • Closing Reflections

Quick Tips!

  • Save Screencast download to a USB drive to easily download the program to student tablets. (Click download button above, click download, click "Save as", then save to your USB drive). 
  • To put on a student tablet, stick the pin drive into the students tablet, open desktop, click folder icon at the bottom, open USB drive, open Screencast file, click run.
  • Screencast can only be used with programs on the desktop, not within an app.

Interactive Activity!

Quick Tips!

  • 2 types of presentations, Live and Homework
  • You can create a Nearpod account or sign in using your Google account
  • When students join your "live session", they are prompted to type in their name.   After entering their name, they must click "Submit", this will allow them to be seen by you on the teacher view.
  • When students respond to questions (open-ended, poll, draw or multiple choice), they will have to click "send" for you to view their answers.