Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Character Analysis

By: Zoey Pope 4th block


- Isabel is the narrator and the main character. She believes in ghosts and is somewhat religious. She's 13 years old and her mother died from small pox when she was 12. She is very determined to find her freedom in this time of need. She is responsible for Ruth, her younger sister, and almost loses all hope when she is sold. In this book Isabel really matures and finds out who she is.


- Ruth is another character in this book. She's Isabel's little sister and is very simple - minded but hardworking. She is a peculiar child and she throws fits, seizures, at nervous excitement. Ruth is an honest character and loves her older sister.

Miss Mary Finch:

- Miss Mary Finch was Isabel and Ruth's former owner before she died. She was very caring, and taught Isabel to read and write. She was a unique and caring character.

Mr. and Mrs. Lockton: They were Ruth and Isabel's new owners. They're wealthy people from New York and are very judge mental and pompous about themselves. They can be very bossy and strict. In this book's time period, during the Revolutionary War, they were known as Loyalists, or Tories.


- Curzon was a young male slave. His owner is Mr. Bellingham and he wears a small red cap. He wants Isabel to help him and become a Patriot herself. He calls Isabel "Country" because she's from a farm. He's an easy going character, but is very serious about his work with war.

Becky Berry:

- Becky is a servant who works for the Locktons when Isabel and Ruth arrived. She's very bossy but is very aware of what is happening. She has "graying" hair, missing teeth, and has scars on her face. She's a quiet and hardworking character. She is one to go for advice, and in the end she ends up supporting the rebels.


This book takes place in New York City, 1776 - 1777


This book is about a 13-year old slave named Isabel, during the Revolutionary War. Isabel and her sister, Ruth, are sold to the Locktons, a ferocious New York City couple have not a drop of sympathy for the two sisters. Isabel soon meets Curzon, a slave who has ties to the Patriots. He wants her to spy on her owners, and she is quite reluctant at first. But when Ruth is long gone, Isabel re-thinks her decision and allies with Curzon, in hopes of finding her sister soon.

Plot line

1) Miss Mary Finch dies

2) Isabel and Ruth are sold against their will to the Locktons.

3) Jenny warns Isabel not to flee

4) Isabel meets Curzon

5) Curzon wants Isabel to become a patriot herself

6) Madam Lockton sells Ruth

7) Isabel is branded with an "I" for insolence

8) Curzon and Isabel escape

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