Big Bang Theory


On average of 23.4 million viewers!

Product Placement

Four products that will be showcased throughout the series.

MacBook Pro

Raj on a Apple Computer

the MacBook Pro, created by Apple, could throw their product in when The four main guys in the series are playing online games. This happens quite frequently, so incorporating a MacBook Pro into the series would be very easy.

Mountain Dew

Lunch at he office with a refreshing Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, created by Pepsi, has a way of grabbing the attention of the younger generation. An easy way to sneak their product into the show is when the guys have a lunch break. There is normally some sort of drink, whether water or a type of soda. Replacing the drinks with Mountain Dew could help increase sales.


Sheldon enjoying a bag of Doritos while on lunch

Doritos, made by the Frito Lay company, are a very popular snack. As stated before they have scenes where they eat in the series, so if a bag of doritos was tossed in the mixed people would see it which would help raise sales of Doritos.

Comics (Superman)

To anyone who has seen The Big Bang Theory it is easy to tell that the four guys are complete nerds. And what is associated with nerds? Comics. If there is a certain comic book hero that needs some product placement, for example Superman, you could easily have the characters reading Superman comics, and in this case, having an argument about Superman

Superman is a trademark of D.C. Comics

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